Broadcast message from root:

the system is going down for shutdown soon

It's hard to say why we decided to shutdown this stake pool, we love Cardano and we think it will grow up, to the moon may be, but running a stake pool costs money and in the stakeholders economy we are out of business, it doesn't matter how competent we are running some secured and fast linux server... we simply don't have some millions pledge to start with, that's all.

Edit: need to say a few more words on this so let's try to explain: when we started this pool we already knew the rules and we never thought of getting rich by running a stake pool, the hope was only to earn at least part of the cost and do the work for free, contributing to the project. This is not the case, our hopes were groundless. This is not a criticism, just the realization that running a stake pool really requires a lot of money that we don't have. We love ice cream but we can't open an ice cream shop, at least not now, that's all folks.

If you wan't to stay in contact with us or just say us goodbye, you can write here until Jun 26: